Bristol Mountain Fiber Project

Bristol Mountain Winter Resort 

Base to Summit Fiber Project 

In the fall of 2008 Bristol Mountain Ski Resort approached Tele Data Com about a design built fiber network to connect all the buildings at the Ski Resort in Bristol, New York. 

TDC provided design assistance and specified all of the single mode and connectivity for the project.  Overall, we connected over (12) buildings and/or pump houses together.  TDC provided all fiber cable on the project and Bristol employees installed it between buildings.

We also provided al fiber terminations all the way up the mountain!  We connected (3) pump stations, the Morning Star lift (weather bug) and the Summit Center.  The system was completely certified and warranted by Corning Corporate through Corning’s EWP program. 

TDC also fusion spliced the fiber in a variety of locations.  Fusion splicing minimizes the light loss on the fiber. 

Here is some of the work in progress and a logical design:



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