TDC Celebrates 30 Years!

We are all so proud of this important milestone. 

“First off I would like to thank our customers for this important accomplishment.  Your loyalty has been amazing.  You are the reason for our success.  I have always believed that if you offer a good product, professional service, and integrity, customers will want to work with us.   

As the owner of this company I have always made a point to personally meet every single customer.  We have grown quite a bit in the last seven years and it has become harder and harder to do this.  But mark my words, we will cross paths sooner than later. 

Our clients are the reason we stay in business and don’t ever think we don’t realize that.

I would also like to thank all of the TDC employees.  We have an amazing group of people. They are positive, upbeat, and professional.   Your service does not go unnoticed.

I bought TDC from my dad in 1989.  Unfortunately he passed away in 1997. I think about him often and how proud he would be to see the successful company he started in 1984.  He is what drives me and motivates me to make this company better. 

Thank-you again for all of your support and if you are a potential new customer reading this article please give us a chance to serve you, you will not be disappointed!"

Michael Grant- President 

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