TDC is here to help you leverage the Smart School Bond Act

The NY State Smart School Bond Act 2014 was voted into law, allowing the State Comptroller to issue and sell bonds up to the amount of $2 billion. The revenue received from the sale will be used specifically for projects related to the purchasing of educational technology equipment and facilities, such as interactive whiteboards, computer servers, desktop computers, tablets, high speed broadband, infrastructure cabling as well as high-tech security technology in school buildings. School Districts are now required to submit plans on how to spend the funding they're eligible for. Tele Data Com is available to assist you with any questions or concerns related to your cabling infrastructure. We offer budgetary estimates, free consulting for specifying materials and technologies, in addition to help with pathways, closet build-outs and backbone fiber considerations. TDC can also assist with the NYS State contract as a vehicle when making these purchases. We have held a network cabling OGS State contract since 1997.

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