2009/2010 Update

Despite a difficult economy, Tele Data Com has so far weathered the storm quite well. Our revenues continue to climb and we have not had to reduce our regular workforce in the past three years. We attribute this success to 25 years in business to a dedicated, hardworking, ethical and loyal workforce that believes in the company and what we are trying to accomplish.

Some of our 2009 clients include:

-Logical Solutions Data Center

-AllState Headquarters (480 drops)

-Elmira City School District (500 drops)

-University of Rochester, Brooks Landing (300 drops)

-SUNY Fredonia (260 drops)

-Addecco Call Center (220 drops)

-Brinkman Precision - new headquarters (90 drops)

-SUNY Brockport - Campus-wide voice notification system 

-Ithaca College (256 wireless drops in 54 buildings)

-Aids Community Health Services (880 drops)

-Kohl's - Victor, NY (130 drops)

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