Brockport CSD

Tele Data Com recently completed a campus-wide single mode fiber project for Brockport Central School District. 

The project was a design-build project.  Tele Data Com assisted in the specifying of products, pathway analysis, budgetary quotes, and network layout.

The entire fiber system was Corning product.
The scope involved:
Over 4000' of 48 strand singlemode OSP fiber
Over 3000' of 12 strand singlemode fiber
Over 2800' of 6 strand singlemode fiber
Over 500' of 12 strand singlemode armored fiber
Over 2600' of 6 strand singlemode armored fiber

Tele Data Com connected the entire campus with new underground and aerial fiber pathways.  We also installed new indoor rated fiber to every CER on Campus.

The following newsletter was prepared by the Brockport IT Department